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We are full for 2021! But if interested in 2022 Tour of the Breweries –>

Runners + Beer + Friends + Friendly Competition = Tour of the Breweries

The craft brewing industry is an amazing collection of amazing people. Each brewery puts its thumbprint on every lager, IPA, or stout that is introduced. We see a rapport and mutual respect that extends beyond the daily operations of a business. Especially this year! Since Georgia law changed in 2017, allowing direct sales at breweries, the impact has been immense to the beer culture in our region.

What can we offer to inspire those people to get through the door? Runners!

Why Runners?

Runners are a happy bunch. And, they make great guests – inviting others and often bringing their own entourage. This is an opportunity to promote your own run group as well as your brewery, to attract more runners and build that community. People like a challenge, and perhaps a reason to do what they already want to do – drink good beer.

Tour of the Breweries offers exercise and community combined together, with beer.

After the success of our 1st Tour of the Breweries and the feedback we received, we are extremely happy to bring this event back and make it better. This year we will have regions (TBA) of breweries for the event each quarter of the year. This way participants can pick a time of year that works for them, continue throughout the year as the word gets out, and still have a timeline to ensure that runners do get out to earn their flight.

What are we looking for from a brewery?

A Brewery in a place that we can make a safe course for runners and host an “End of the Season” party once(March, June, September or December). 
Use of logo for flight glasses, back of the shirt, posters, and social media posts. (All to be approved before 2022.)At No Cost to breweries. 
Optional: Swag for give-a-aways at the End of Tour parties (4 a year in each region– locations throughout North Georgia/Atlanta TBA).  (60 breweries have been contacted!!)
Promoting the event with flyers in house (bathroom doors are lovely), social media co-hosting events, tagging us in social media.

What is in it for the brewery?

Hundreds of new customers that would not normally step and venture out of their normal routine/brewery.
Creating moments of enjoying good beer with a happy group of society – runners!
Word of mouth marketing with all the people that will be singing praises.
NO COSTS!! extra promotion for FREE!!
Safe 5k course mapped out for your brewery and patrons. Mapped by PR.
Tour of the Breweries shirts and flight paddle with glasses complimentary of PR.

What is in it for the runners?

Each runner will complete four 5k’s at four different breweries earning a glass at each brewery. Given by PR not the brewery.
Guaranteed a Tour of the Breweries super soft shirt and flight paddle with registration. Given by PR not brewery.
Ability to use the pre set courses featuring sidewalks, lit and safe areas. Mapped by PR not brewery.
Chance to meet up with friends, make new ones, and try a few beers at breweries they might not usually venture out to. Gives them a reason to visit the brewery.
They can do this 4 times a year in 4 different regions throughout North Georgia/Atlanta (TBA) for an additional cost of the runner.
Get to visit your brewery in running clothes with friends and family tasting tasty brews.

Yes! We want to be a stop on the tour at no cost to the brewery.  
This will be a healthy mutually beneficial relationship!

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Email Kelly Scott  with questions / 770-881-2866

We want a mutually beneficial partnership. We would love to hear ideas!!