Member Spotlight – Jessica Ascenzo

Out of the Ordinary

How did you get into running? What are you goals now? What do you like the best about Group Runs?
I got into running back in 2011 as a way to stay in shape. My goals now are to complete another marathon and drop my half marathon time. I love group runs because of the friends that I’ve made. It’s a great way to catch up with others, meet new people, and get in some movement at the same time.
How did you find out about A Brew Run Run? What made you come out to run/walk?
I found out about the group runs through social media. I was super nervous to show up my first time but I wanted to meet other runners. The group setting is super helpful for staying consistent.
How did you get into craft beer? What is your favorite? (doesn’t need to be Reformation)
Reformation got me into craft beer and declaration is my absolute favorite.