Member Spotlight George Monsalvtge

Out of the Ordinary

How did you get into running? What are you goals now? What do you like the best about Group Runs?

I ran when I was a teenager. I worked for a company where everybody on my team would run at lunch. Eventually, they started having “run meetings” so I started running again. I have been running ever since. Prior to COVID-19, my goal was to compete in a 5K, 10K, or Half every month. The best part of the group runs in the comradery.

How did you find out about A Brew Run Run? What made you come out to run/walk?

I was referred to this group run by Brian Simmons. If there is beer at the end of a run, I am there.

How did you get into craft beer? What is your favorite? (doesn’t need to be Reformation)

I enjoy beer. I really like Fall and Winter beers. I do not have a favorite beer. There are too many great beers to single one out.