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Tour of the Breweries Countdown!

Days left to complete your 5k’s in the Tour of the Breweries.

What’s Happenin’

For the love of beer, there are calories to burn. 

Group Runs

TuesdaysThe Burnt Hickory Brewery at 6:30 pm
Thursdays – Downtown Woodstock at 6:45pm
Second Sunday each month – Talking Rock Brewery at 11:00 am  (Trail run at the Talking Rock Nature Preserve – if too wet, we will be at the brewery)


Tour of the Breweries –  
Kinda Virtual Racing starts 1/1/2021 and ends Dec. 19th, 2021
Drewbert’s Donut Draft Dare 5k – Sept 4th at 10am. Eat 6 donuts and 5oz draft and run! 

Runners Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our group members say:

Most Positive Crowd

Cheer Bear

From Care-a-lot

I felt like running.

Running Man

Member for 4 months

Beer is good.


Never misses an event.